Special HTTP Headers

Updated: March 18, 2024

In order to have more control over REST API Calls, you can use the following special Nuxeo HTTP headers.

HTTP Header Default Value Description Example
X-NXVoidOperation false Force server to return no content (like a void operation). X-NXVoidOperation: true
Can be useful when dealing with blobs to avoid having the blob output sent back to the client.
Nuxeo-Transaction-Timeout 30 Specify the duration of the transaction timeout (seconds) Nuxeo-Transaction-Timeout: 300
(Sets timeout for 5 minutes for longer transactions)
properties * Filter properties so the returned document contains only data from the specified schemas properties: dublincore, file
(* Returns data from all schemas)
Repository default Specify the repository name if it has been changed or if you have multiple repositories Repository: myCustomRepositoryName
enrichers.document Request further information in the response. See (Content Enrichers) for more details. enrichers.document: "thumbnail"
(Returns related thumbnail of the document)
X-Versioning-Option NONE Increment minor or major version and returns versioned document X-Versioning-Option: MAJOR
source Set this property in document context data to be used for automatic source-based versioning. See source-based versioning for more details. source: REST
fetch.document Load additional parts of an object with entity-type document fetch.document: value1, value2,...
See Document JSON and Extended Fields for more details on accepted values.
depth children Control aggregation depth depth: children
Accepted values: root, children, max.
See Aggregating Marshallers and Avoiding Infinite Loops for more details.
nx_es_sync false Force ElasticSearch synchronous indexing during a REST call nx_es_sync: true
skipAggregates false Tell the search endpoint to skip elasticsearch aggregate computation, if any, to speed up the query skipAggregates: false

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