HOWTO: Make a Simple Task Assignment to One or Many Users

Updated: March 18, 2024

Sometimes you want to assign a task to one or many users, without requiring a dedicated process model. You can create a button, link or icon and bind it to an automation chain, that will use the "Create task" operation, in the "Services" category.

This operation will assign a task to users or groups of users, which are defined by the parameter "variable name for actors prefixed ids". This parameter either accepts:

  • the user name,
  • the group name (the syntax for groups is group:groupname),
  • a context variable referring to them. This context variable can typically be defined in the "Get Users and Groups" operation that must be in the same automation chain. That operation stores a variable with some users and groups given the rights they have on an input document.

Once a user that is assigned the task accepts or rejects the task, the automation chain given in parameters of the Create task operation is executed.