Workflow Audit Log

Updated: March 18, 2024

The page details the information logged in the audit during a workflow completion.

What Is Logged in the Audit

Since 7.4, a new audit category called Routing has been added for the following workflow events:

  • afterWorkflowStarted
  • afterWorkflowFinish
  • beforeWorkflowCanceled
  • afterWorkflowTaskCreated
  • afterWorkflowTaskEnded
  • afterWorkflowTaskReassigned
  • afterWorkflowTaskDelegated

For all these events, we log useful information regarding the workflow and/or node state in the extended info of the audit entry. The table below summarizes which extended info is logged depending on the event.

afterWorkflow Finishxxxxx
afterWorkflow Startedxxxxx
beforeWorkflow Canceledxxxxx
afterWorkflow TaskCreatedxxxxx
afterWorkflow TaskEndedxxxxxxxx
afterWorkflow TaskReassignedxxxxxxx
afterWorkflow TaskDelegatedxxxxxxx


  • modelName is the name of the workflow model
  • modelId is the uuid of the workflow model
  • workflowInitator is the user who initiated the workflow
  • taskActor is the user who completed a task associated to a workflow node
  • workflowVariables lists the global variables of the workflow
  • nodeVariables lists the local variables i.e. the ones defined on the node associated to a task
  • action is the action (i.e. button) that has been clicked to complete a task.
  • timeSinceWfStarted is the time in milliseconds elapsed since the workflow started.
  • timeSinceTaskStarted is the time in milliseconds elapsed since the task started.

Note that since Nuxeo 7.3, the audit is stored by default as an Elasticsearch index which offers the possibility to store the extended info as plain JSON objects. The workflowVariables and nodeVariables are indeed maps of primitive types and therefore are stored in their current forms except for blob variables which are omitted.