Installing the Nuxeo Platform on Windows

Updated: March 18, 2024

Checking Requirements

First, have a look at the detailed steps to check your Java version and install it.

Installing the Nuxeo Platform From the ZIP Archive

Install the Nuxeo Platform

Download the ZIP archive and unzip it using your favorite tool.

Do not use the Windows built-in ZIP functionality (aka "zipfldr.dll" or "Compressed Folders Module"), it reports incorrect uncompressed size. Recommended: 7-Zip.

Installation Path

On Windows in general, and especially on Windows 7 or later versions, it is highly recommended to install your Nuxeo application at the root of a disk (C:\Nuxeo for instance), because of rights issues, limitations on paths length, 32/64 bits conflicts,...

What's Next?

Do you want to evaluate the platform? You can now start the server. You want to do a complete installation, that is compatible for a production environment? You should prepare your environment now.