Extending The Shell

Updated: January 2, 2020

This page is scheduled for review and update. Check back soon for updated content!

This section is intended for developers who wants to provide new Shell commands, namespaces or Shell Features.

Table of contents:

  • Shell Features — In order to install new commands to existing namespaces or to register new namespaces, completors, injector providers or other Shell objects you must create a new Shell Feature.
  • Shell Commands — Let's look now into Command implementation details.
  • Shell Namespaces — We've already seen how to add new Shell Features and how to implement new commands. This last chapter is talking a bit about Shell Namespaces.
  • Shell Documentation — Commands are self documented by using annotations. These annotations are used to generate the base of the command documentation, like: short description, syntax, options, arguments etc. Using this information the shell automatically generates basic help for you.

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