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How to Customize the Default Content and Trash Listings

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Make sure that the Nuxeo JSF UI target package is checked in your project's Application Definition to get all the needed features in Nuxeo Studio.

The content displayed in the Content tab of a folder is the result of a query that says that we want to display all the documents that:

  • are the direct children of the current folder;
  • are not "trashed";
  • are not hidden in navigation.

You can create new views that will display the results of a query you have customized. This is done using Content views. Then you can choose to use your content view in the Content or Trash tab of your document types.

To change the list of documents displayed in the Content and Trash tabs:

  1. Create a new Content View.
  2. On the document type definition, click on the Tabs tab.
  3. Select the content view you want to use for:
    • the "Main content", i.e. the Content tab of your document type.
    • the "Trash content", i.e. the Trash tab of your document type.
  4. Click on Save.
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