NEV 10.6.4

Updated: March 18, 2024

What's new in NEV 10.6.4


NEV Version 10.6.4
ARender version 4.4.2.NX1.3
Release date September 9th 2021
Upgraded components ARender software, Previewer (ARender connector), Nuxeo addon (nuxeo-arender package)

New Features

High Availability for the Previewer

The Previewer component is now scalable to guarantee service continuity and also support more user traffic by having several previewers for one application.

New properties have been introduced on ARender Previewer side in order to control the High-Availability deployment. A MongoDB backend is required to store sessions and OAuth 2 data.

You can find below the properties controlling this part:

Description Backend to use to store sessions and OAuth2 data. Possible values are local and mongodb MongoDB server URL to use (mongodb://server:27017 for instance) MongoDB database name to use for OAuth2 storage, default to arender Use SSL for MongoDB connection, default to false

See NEV-427, NEV-261 and NEV-449.


Allow Disabling Content Redaction and Watermark to Improve Performances

The Content Redaction (not supported on NEV by default) and the watermark features require time consuming operations that are not needed when not used. So, we added a configuration to disable those features and so increase overall performances, for customers not using both Content redaction and watermark features.

This can be done by adding the following environment variable:


See NEV-461.

Exclude Static Resources From Authentication

In order to save resources and so to improve performances, we excluded the static resources from the authentication path.

See NEV-465.

Major Fixes

Unexpected Rendered Document Eviction Causes Services Outage

We fixed a specific behavior occurring an eviction of the renderer version of the document although it was still needed. This behavior involved slowness and service crash.