NEV 2.2.1

Updated: March 18, 2024

What's new in NEV 2.2.1


This release is a security and bugfix update.

Noteworthy Changes

  • Fixed a potential security problem where using two different accounts in the same browser one after another could lead to the wrong session information being used.
  • Fixed a security issue.
  • Ability to redirect user against a 3rd party system for OAuth2 challenge.
  • Defunct processes are cleaned up regularly to improve overall stability.
  • When using content redaction, downloading png files with redactions returns a redacted PDF file instead of showing an error.
  • Viewing documents using NEV is now shown as a view instead of a download in the audit trail for more accuracy. This change requires Nuxeo Web UI 3.0.18 or above to be visible in the UI.

Upgrade Notes

If you are deploying NEV in a self-managed way, note that observability options have changed in this release.

The arender.notify.opening.times metric doesn't exist anymore and has been split into two metrics:

  • arender.application.opening.time
  • arender.document.opening.time

If you are using NEV in Nuxeo cloud, this change is transparent and does not affect you.

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