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How to Make JSF UI the Default UI

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In case both nuxeo-jsf-ui and nuxeo-web-ui addons are installed, the new Web UI is set to be the default UI. If you want to make the JSF UI the default UI there are several changes to apply.

Login Page Redirection

To make the login page redirect to the JSF UI instead of the new Web UI you need to add the following XML contribution:

<extension target="org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.ui.web.auth.service.PluggableAuthenticationService" point="loginScreen">
      <startupPage id="jsf" priority="1000" />

Note that the default priority values are:

  • Web UI (id="web"): 100
  • JSF UI ( id="jsf" ): 10

The highest priority wins.

To make the document permalinks generated by the server (and used in email notifications typically) point to the JSF UI instead of the Web UI you need to add the following XML contribution:

<extension target="org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.url.service.DocumentViewCodecService" point="codecs">
  <documentViewCodec name="notificationDocId"
                     class="org.nuxeo.ui.web.url.codec.JSFNotificationDocumentIdCodec" />

Nuxeo Drive Global Configuration

To make Nuxeo Drive handle proper links to the Nuxeo server UI you need to change the ui setting of the Nuxeo Drive global configuration from web to jsf.

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