Nuxeo Server

Document Views

Updated: March 18, 2024

Pages visible for a given document can be configured depending on the document type.

First of all, we have to make the difference between a view in a standard JSF way (navigation case view id, navigation case output) and views in the Nuxeo Platform (document type view, creation view).

Standard JSF Navigation Concepts

A standard JSF navigation rule can be defined in the OSGI-INF/deployment-fragment.xml files, inside the faces-config#NAVIGATION directive.

Example of a navigation rule case definition:

<extension target="faces-config#NAVIGATION">

      <redirect />

      <redirect />


Nuxeo Platform Views

A certain Nuxeo document type can have defined a default view (used to view/edit the document) and a create view (used to create the document). These views are specified in the OSGI-INF/ecm-types-contrib.xml file, as in the following example.

<extension target="org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.types.TypeService" point="types">
    <type id="Workspace">

The default view of a document is rendered as a list of tabs. The document tabs are defined as actions in the OSGI-INF/actions-contrib.xml file, having as category VIEW_ACTION_LIST. A tab can be added to a document default view as shown in the following example.

<extension target="org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.actions.ActionService" point="actions">
    <action id="TAB_EDIT" link="/incl/tabs/document_edit.xhtml" enabled="true"
      order="20" label="action.view.edit" icon="/icons/file.gif">