Nuxeo Platform User Documentation


Updated: October 16, 2020

In workspaces, you can create and manage your documents in folders. A folder works like a workspace, but the documents available for creation are limited.

In a folder, you can create:

There are two types of folders: regular folders and ordered folders. The difference between the two folder types is the way content is sorted.

  • In a regular folder, documents are sorted on the title by default. You can change the sort criterion by clicking on the content table columns title. You can thus sort them on their state, author, etc.
  • In an ordered folder, documents are manually sorted. So, the orders in which documents are listed in the folder doesn't depend on one of its properties (version, author, etc); you decide where it should be displayed in the list. When a document is created, it is added at the end of the list. It is not possible to sort documents automatically by clicking on the columns titles in an ordered folder.

Regular Folders

Regular folders, called "Folders", have the same behavior as workspaces. In a folder, you can:

Like in a workspace, you can use drag and drop to create content in a folder.

Ordered Folders

Ordered folders are folders in which you can change the content's order.

An ordered folder has the same presentation as a regular folder, but it has some additional buttons below the content table:

  • Move up
  • Move down
  • Move to top
  • Move to bottom

To change the content's order:

  1. Select a document using the checkbox on the left. The move buttons are available.
  2. Click on the move button you need.
  3. The document is moved in the list of documents available in the folder.

Moving documents restrictions

You can move one document at a time. If you select more than one document, the move buttons will deactivate.