Nuxeo Platform User Documentation

Working with Documents

Updated: October 16, 2020

The Nuxeo Platform enables you to create, edit and share documents within the application.

Available Documents

Documents are sorted in two categories:

  • Collaborative services
  • Documents

Collaborative services

Collaborative services are folderish documents that enable users to share information. The naked Platform collaborative services are:


Documents available in the naked Platform are:

  • The note: a text typed in a rich editor integrated to the Nuxeo Platform;
  • The file: an attached file.

Documents Evolution

The evolution of a document, each time contributors edit it, constitutes its life cycle. This life cycle is composed of the following states:

  • Project: the document has been created and it can be modified;
  • Approved: the document has been approved and is considered as valid. Modifying it makes it back to project life cycle state;
  • Obsolete: the document is not accurate anymore and, for instance, has been replaced by a new version;
  • Deleted: the document is moved into the workspace or folder trash.

To change the life cycle state of a document, you need to submit it to a workflow.

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