Nuxeo Platform User Documentation

PDF Renditions

Updated: October 16, 2020

Depending on the document type, a Renditions box can be displayed on the Summary tab of the document.

It is possible to enable the user to download or view the document in another format than the original one. By default, the Nuxeo Platform without addons provides a PDF rendition on documents that converts the content of the document into a PDF file that the user can download.

PDF rendition is available on:

  • All note formats
  • File document type whose attachment is an office or PDF file

Although the action is displayed on their Summary tab PDF rendition is not available for the following document types:

  • Files whose content is a picture, audio or video file
  • Pictures (DAM addon)
  • Audio (DAM addon)
  • Videos (DAM addon)

The addon Template Rendering provides more complete rendition features.