Nuxeo Platform User Documentation

Working with Live Edit

Updated: October 16, 2020

Nuxeo Live Edit is now deprecated, you should use Nuxeo Drive Edit, see Online Editing section of Nuxeo Drive documentation.

Nuxeo Live Edit is a Nuxeo extension that enables users to open and edit Microsoft Office and documents in their native application from Nuxeo. This extension prevents you from the painful process of downloading - editing - uploading office documents in the application.

Depending on the local environment, one or several extensions are required. The Installing Live Edit page describes what is required for which configuration.

Live Edit is available for:

  • MS Office 2007/2010 (standard and OOXML formats),
  • 3.3+,
  • LibreOffice 3.4.4+.

It is known to work with Internet Explorer 7+ and Firefox 3.6+.

Compatible environments

Live Edit can be used on Windows and Linux environments.

Live Edit allows you to:

  • create documents in MS Office, and LibreOffice,
  • edit documents in MS Office, and LibreOffice.

Before You Start

Before you start using Live Edit to create and edit documents:

  • you may want to take a look at the Live Edit Compatibility Table,
  • please check your certificate is validated if your Nuxeo Platform uses HTTPS. If your certificate is not validated, Live Edit won't work;
  • under Linux, ensure to have Java support installed when using LibreOffice. Ubuntu package is libreoffice-java-common;
  • for Internet Explorer 9 users, change your browser mode to at least "IE9 Compat view", in the developer toolbar (F12).

Creating Office Documents

To create office documents directly into the Nuxeo Platform:

  1. Click on one of the MS Office or icon displayed below the search box.
  2. The application corresponding to the icon you clicked on opens.
  3. Type the content of your document.
  4. Save your modifications in Nuxeo:
    • By closing the application.
    • By cliking Save in Nuxeo in the Add-Ins menu of the application. A Save in Nuxeo window opens.
  5. Give the document a title and a description, and select where to save the document in Nuxeo.
  6. Click on OK button. The document is automatically saved in Nuxeo.

Editing Documents

Documents that can be edited with Live Edit are indicated by the icon  in the Content tab of the parent folder and in the Summary tab of the document.

When you edit a document online using Live Edit, the document is automatically locked in Nuxeo. It is automatically unlocked when you close the file from Microsoft Office or

To edit office documents from the Nuxeo Platform:

  1. Click on the online edition icon of the document. The document opens in the appropriate application.
  2. Modify the file.
  3. When done, close the editing application. A window pops up.
  4. Indicate if you want to save the modifications. The modified file is automatically uploaded on the Nuxeo Platform.


If LiveEdit is not working on your computer, you can consult the common mistakes ans tips to investigate:

  • Check the temporary folder configured in Protocol Handler options exists and has the exact same case as the real path (C:\Temp is different to C:\TEMP)
  • Cookies need to be allowed, at least for your Nuxeo application
  • After clicking on the LiveEdit icon, check if a new folder was created in your temporary folder
  • Copy the LiveEdit link (something like nxedit:http://server:8080/nuxeo )) and paste it in a new tab: it could display an error message if something is wrong with your configuration
  • Open the Browser Console and check the logs after clicking on the LiveEdit link: it could indicate the reason why the document is not correctly opened