Nuxeo Platform User Documentation

Working with News

Updated: October 16, 2020

This add-on is deprecated since Nuxeo Platform 6.0. A SQL script is available to migrate your Social Collaboration data to non-deprecated document types. The script and its readme are available from GitHub.

News items are articles that enable the social workspace administrators to share information to the workspace's members. The news items are displayed in a dedicated gadget, that can be used in both social workspace dashboards, and in the user's home dashboard. Like articles, news items can be either private (visible to the space members only) or public (visible to all users).

News are automatically displayed on the different dashboards of users, providing that they display the News gadget:

  • The Home dashboard displays the news of all the social workspaces users can access,
  • The Collaboration home dashboard displays the news of all the social workspaces users can access,
  • The social workspaces dashboard display the news of the workspace only.

News items can only be created by the workspace administrators. They can be created from:

To create a news item from any page:

  1. From the dashboard of the social workspace, an article or a news item, click on the Actions button.
  2. Click on Create a news item.
  3. Fill in the news creation form (see below for article's properties).
  4. Click on Create. The news is created in the News item container. The news collaboration view is displayed.

To create a news item quickly from the dashboard:


The dashboard must display the Document library gadget.

  1. On the dashboard's Document library gadget, go in the News folder.
  2. Click on the icon .
  3. Click on News item.
    The news item creation form is displayed in the gadget.
  4. Fill in the title, description and content.
  5. Click on the Create button. The news item is created and displayed in the Document library gadget. By default, the news item is private. You can edit it to add a picture.

To create a News item from the Document Management view:

  1. In the Document Management view, click on the Collaboration domain.
  2. Click on the social workspace you want to create a news item in.
  3. In the social workspace, click on the News folder.
  4. Click on the Create a News Item button.
  5. Fill in the document's creation form.
  6. Click on the Create button.
  7. The Summary tab of the news item is displayed.

News items properties

Field Description
Title Name of the news item
Description Summary of the news item. This description is displayed in the News gadget.
Publication For public workspaces. Select who should see the news item : only the space members (Restricted to the Social Workspace) or all users (public).
Picture Upload an image to illustrate your news item.
Content Type the content of your news item.
Format Select which format should be used for the news item.