Action How-To Index

Updated: July 11, 2024

Title Excerpt Topics Level
HOWTO: Add a Button - JSF UI Learn how to add new buttons at different locations in the JSF UI using user actions and automation (in a document contextual tools or on a document Edit form for instance). Automation, Extension, Tab, User action, JSF UI Beginner
HOWTO: Add a New Action Category on a Document Tab - JSF UI This page explains how to create new actions categories to add links or buttons on the custom tab of documents, using Nuxeo Studio. Document type, Tab, User action, Widget Beginner
HOWTO: Hide a Tab, a Link or a Button for a Group or a User - JSF UI Learn how to hide an action for a group or a user. Filter, User action, JSF UI Advanced
HOWTO: Make the New Button Appear on a Custom Folderish Document - JSF UI This page explains how to add the New button on the default Content tab and on a custom tab. Document type, Tab, User action Beginner