Saved Searches

Updated: August 19, 2019

This page is scheduled for review and update. Check back soon for updated content!

You can save searches done using the default search form and the quick search form, so as to be able to reuse them at anytime. You can run them from the Search tab, and manage them from the Home > Searches tab.

NXQL searches cannot be saved.

Saved searches are available in the Search tab drop down list. To load a search, just click on it in the list, it is automatically executed.

All your saved searches are also available from your Home in the Searches tab.

Saved searches are private by default. But you can share them by giving permissions on them.

You can manage your saved searches from the Searches tab of your Home. Saved searched are deleted like a regular document, by selecting it using the checkbox, clicking the Delete button and confirming deletion.

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