Nuxeo Aspera Upgrade Notes

Updated: July 15, 2024

This chapter highlights some major information about upgrade from Nuxeo Aspera Connector 2.x to Nuxeo Aspera Connector 3.0.x.
For a listing of improvements and functional enhancements in version 3.0.x, please see the release notes

Because of the changes to parameters in the nuxeo.conf file as well as code/API changes described below, this release is labeled as a major release.
Transfers that exist in your system that were started/created with a previous version will not work with this release and attempts to complete them will fail with this release.
Updating the Connector to version 3.0.0 is not recommended if you have ongoing transfers.

Installation and Configuration

Changed/Modified Parameters

Parameter Modification Reference aspera.access.key.secret Fixed existing typo for acess in these parameters NXP-28399
nuxeo.s3storage.useDirectUpload = true Value no longer necessary for the Nuxeo Aspera Connector (keep if used for other Nuxeo features) NXP-29548
nuxeo.s3storage.transient.roleArn Value no longer necessary for the Nuxeo Aspera Connector (keep if used for other Nuxeo features) NXP-29548


  • Aspera Desktop Client - [latest version]
  • Nuxeo Server LTS 2019 (10.10, HF 31, at least) with access to AWS S3 Storage along with the Amazon S3 Online Storage plugin
  • IBM Aspera on Cloud Subscription (see note above about Aspera self-hosted)

Code/Element Changes

Transfer Status

updateTransferStatuses deprecated - use syncTransfer(CoreSession, String) instead.

See NXP-29425.

Transfer 'tab' Behavior

  • nuxeo-aspera-upload-page element: Replaced aspera-tab-update event by aspera-page-update event.
  • nuxeo-aspera-page element: changed selectedtab property into selectedPage property.

See NXP-29130.

Transfer Page

  • On nuxeo-aspera-transfer-page: removes property transferGroups.

See NXP-29497

  • nuxeo-aspera-transfer-page element: removes properties aggregates, params and quickFilters.

See NXP-29592.

  • nuxeo-aspera-transfer-page element removes properties: transfers, offset and isPreviousPageAvailable

See NXP-29282.

Storing Message Files

Deprecated getOrCreateTransferDocument methods (which was a deprecated Aspera method).

See NXP-29590.

Workers' Status

Deprecated bmExecute(Transfer transfer) and introduces bmExecute() instead.

See NXP-29589.

Transfer Change Event

transfer-changed event is deprecated, use aspera-uploads-refresh instead.

See NXP-29302.

Aspera Connect Download

Removes linkActive and download properties from nuxeo-aspera-connect.

See NXP-28412.

Transfer Complete Event

Removed the aspera-transfer-complete event and its listeners. From now on, there is no such event being fired.

See NXP-29467.

Transfer Edit

Removed nuxeo-aspera-upload-edit-dialog element.

See NXP-28207.

Complementary Information