HOWTO: Customize the Error Pages

Updated: May 10, 2020

This page is scheduled for review and update. Check back soon for updated content!

There are three error pages in the Nuxeo Platform, each of them can be customized:

  • nuxeo_error.jsp: This is the default error page
  • nuxeo_error_security.jsp: It is displayed when a SecurityException is thrown
  • page_not_found.jsp: It is displayed for an error 404

When the server is deployed, all theses pages are located at server/default/deploy/nuxeo.ear/nuxeo.war/. In the source code, these pages are located at nuxeo-platform-webapp/src/main/resources/nuxeo.war/.

You have to override this nuxeo_error.jsp page in a custom project.

  1. Copy this page inside your custom project in the same relative location as it is in the original Nuxeo sources, that is in a comparable nuxeo.war directory.
  2. Update the parts of the pages you want to customize.
  3. The deployment-fragment.xml of your custom project should contain the following requirement to nicely deploy your customized version of the error pages.



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