How to Contribute a New "User Registration Request" Document Type

Updated: May 10, 2020

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If you want to define other request metadata that should be filled in when inviting users to a workspace, you need to contribute a new user registration document type to the Nuxeo Platform User Registration add-on. This can be done using an XML contribution.

Pre requisites

You have already defined a new user registration document type as described in HOWTO: Define a Document Type with the following items and values:

  • A new schema custom-userinfo that must have at least the following attributes:

    Attribute NameType
    login string
    firstName string
    lastName string
    company string
    email string
    string, Multi-Valued
  • The schema registration, added in Settings > Registries > Document Schemas:

      schemas: {
        registration: {
          @prefix: "registration",
          validationMethod: "string",
          copyTo: "string",
          comment: "string",
          accepted: "boolean"

    The registration schema is required to add other fields used by the user registration feature.

  • A Document type name MyCustomUserRegistration, with both schemas custom-userinfo and registration.

Step 1: Adding a Reference to Your Component Which Defines Your Document Type

Nested the component tag of your XML contribution file,  add first a require tag to reference your document type definition


Step 2: Contributing Your Document Type to the User Registration Configuration

Use the extension point configuration to register your new document type, schema and fields in the user registration service.

<extension target="org.nuxeo.ecm.user.registration.UserRegistrationService"
    <configuration merge="true">

You're done. All default FreeMarker templates will use dynamically your fields, so you don't have to contribute new templates.


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