Authentication and User Management Tutorials

Updated: October 1, 2020

Title Excerpt Topics Level
HOWTO: Add Custom LDAP Fields to the UI Learn how to add a custom LDAP fields to the User interface using XML extensions. Authentication, LDAP Advanced
HOWTO: Add New Fields to the User Profile or Group Profile This page provides a turnkey solution to add new fields to the user profile or group. LDAP, Multidirectory, authentication Intermediate
HOWTO: Assign a Task to the User Manager This page provides the instructions to assign a task according to the task performer properties. LDAP, Workflow, Authentication Intermediate
HOWTO: Configure a Multidirectory for Users and Groups This page provides a turnkey solution to configure a multidirectory. LDAP, Multidirectory, Authentication Intermediate
HOWTO: Define Public Pages (Viewable by Anonymous Users) Learn how to make some pages visible by anonymous users. Access rights, Authentication Advanced
HOWTO: Implement Local Groups or Roles Using Computed Groups Learn how to let managers of a workspace determine who is part of locally defined groups (local to the workspace). Permissions, Authentication Advanced



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