Nuxeo Server LTS 2021 Release Notes

Updated: August 29, 2022

This page relates to the release notes of Nuxeo Server and related addons for LTS 2021 cycle. It will list the improvements and features that are successively shipped with the 2021.x releases.

Upgrade Notes
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What's New in LTS 2021.25 / LTS 2021-HF25

Nuxeo Server

Stream Management: Position Endpoint to Change Consumer Position

It is now possible to change computation positions without downtime.

 More on JIRA ticket NXP-31086

Majors Bug Fixes

NXQL Complex Property Correlations Not Working with MongoDB

Query with complex correlation for schemas with no prefix now works on MongoDB.

 More on JIRA ticket NXP-31174

Fix Download Context for Renditions

Added a new DownloadContextBlobHolder and its writer for download permissions checking.

 More on JIRA ticket NXP-31166

Fix NPE in ‘Subtypes’ Enricher When Appending a Disabled Document Type to an Existing Folderish Document Type

Disabled types are excluded from sub types listings. Type extending a disabled super type produces an ERROR log.

 More on JIRA ticket NXP-31155

Fix Cannot Deep Copy java.lang.Integer

The error Cannot deep copy: java.lang.Integer is handled at Core level.

 More on JIRA ticket NXP-31148

Unable to Detect Mimetype When Uploading Multipart Form Data

Send a clear message about multipart/form-data not being supported on Nuxeo 2021.

 More on JIRA ticket NXP-31123

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Upgrade Notes
Refer to the LTS 2021 upgrade notes to transition to this version.

LTS 2021 Release Notes summary

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