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Updated: April 28, 2020

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Title Excerpt Topics Level
Develop with Nuxeo Platform Learn how to start working with Nuxeo CLI. Automation, Layout Intermediate
HOWTO: Add a Button in the JSF UI Learn how to add new buttons at different locations in the JSF UI using user actions and automation (in a document contextual tools or on a document Edit form for instance). Automation, Extension, Tab, User action, JSF UI Beginner
HOWTO: Automatically Convert a Document to PDF Learn how to convert automatically a document into PDF using Nuxeo Studio. Document type, Automation, Conversion Intermediate
HOWTO: Create an Automation Chain This how-to explains the different steps to create and configure an automation chain using Nuxeo Studio. Automation, Event handler, User action Beginner
HOWTO: Export Data Using Document Template and Automation Learn how to generate a CSV file listing all the documents of your Nuxeo Platform repository. Automation, Document template Beginner
HOWTO: Fetch Documents with a Query on Date Parameters Learn how to make it possible to process documents depending on a date parameter. Automation, Content view Intermediate
HOWTO: Fetch a Document by Its ID or Path Learn how to use the operation Document.Fetch to get a document by its ID or its path. Automation Intermediate
HOWTO: Inherit Metadata from a Parent Document In this how-to, we will implement an event handler that will listen to the creation of documents. When the created document matches some predefined criteria, the listener will execute a content automation chain. The chain will copy the "source" metadata value from the workspace to the created document. Automation, Event handler Beginner
HOWTO: Make a Simple Task Assignment to One or Many Users Learn how to create a task and assign it to one or many users. Workflow, Automation, Task Intermediate
HOWTO: Manage Relations on a Document Learn how to display relations on a document. Automation Intermediate
HOWTO: Quickly Generate a PDF Using Document Template Learn how to get a PDF printable version of the data stored on your document as properties using Nuxeo Studio. Automation, Conversion, Document template Beginner
HOWTO: Use PDF conversion operations with Nuxeo Studio Learn how to use all operations that offers PDF tools operations from Nuxeo Studio: Watermarks, page numbers, document merging... Document type, Automation, Conversion Intermediate
HOWTO: Write Reusable Automation Chains Learn how to factorize similar automation chains. Automation Intermediate

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