HOWTO: Use the Trash Feature

Updated: November 10, 2022

Java API and General Concepts

Trash feature is managed by TrashService.

You can easily trash/untrash document model with trashDocument/untrashDocument. When you trash a document, Nuxeo Server performs the following operations:

  • document is renamed to avoid collision with further document
  • ecm:isTrashed property is set to true
  • documentTrashed is fired

As you can see, the trash stated is owned by the system property ecm:isTrashed. You can access its value with DocumentModel#isTrashed method.


public void testTrashFeature(TrashService trashService, DocumentModel docModel) {
  docModel.isTrashed(); // true
  docModel.isTrashed(); // false


You can use the Trash feature with the Automation REST API.

You can use following operations Document.Trash, Document.Untrash.


curl -u Administrator:Administrator -XPOST -H "Content-Type: application/json" http://localhost:8080/nuxeo/site/automation/Document.Trash -d '{"input":"doc:/some/document"}'

The returned JSON document will have ecm:isTrashed set to true in its properties.

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