Nuxeo Server

Updated: July 15, 2024


Nuxeo Server can be installed either with the Nuxeo Docker Image or a simple cross-platform zip file.

Nuxeo Server can be deployed anywhere:

  • On physical server
  • Inside virtual machines
  • In a containerized environment

Having a lightweight embedded Nuxeo server is a solution commonly used for unit testing or offline access. For the latter, the Nuxeo server would be embedded client-side (for example, on a tablet) to allow offline access, and would synchronize with a central Nuxeo server when going back online.


At least two Nuxeo server nodes. You can add any number of nodes to scale out performances.


To set up clustering, please update the following parameters in nuxeo.conf:

  • nuxeo.cluster.enabled: must be set to true to enable clustering.
  • nuxeo.cluster.nodeid: must be set to a cluster node id. The id should be a string specific to this instance (and therefore all instances must have different cluster node ids).