Updated: July 15, 2024

Like any other Java application, Nuxeo can be profiled, you will find a few useful tools in this section.

Java Flight Recorder (JFR)

With OpenJDK version 17, it is easy to run Flight Recorder. JFR is a profiling tool used to gather diagnostics and profiling data from a running Java application.

To observe a particular load during one minute on a Nuxeo node just run:

jcmd Boot JFR.start duration=60s filename=/tmp/capture.jfr

This will produce a JFR file /tmp/capture.jfr.

You now need to install Zulu Mission Control and open the JFR file.

This is a very powerful way to report a performance problem because in addition of the profiling, the JFR file also contains a capture of the CPU activity, memory pressure, and thread dumps.

Java Flame Graph

Flame graph are a visualization of profiled software, allowing the most frequent code-paths to be identified quickly and accurately.

A typical output is an SVG that can be searched and zoomed:

flame graph
flame graph

First follow the documentation to install Async profiler.

Then add this to your nuxeo.conf:

JAVA_OPTS=$JAVA_OPTS -XX:+UnlockDiagnosticVMOptions -XX:+DebugNonSafepoints

Proceed to profiling with different flavors:

If you see a CPU saturation:

./ -d 30 --title "Nuxeo CPU" -f /tmp/flame-cpu.svg jps

If there is no particular CPU saturation try:

./ -e wall -t -d 30 --title "Nuxeo off-cpu" -f /tmp/flame-off-cpu.svg jps

Or better, filtering only interesting threads:

./ -e wall -t -d 30 --title "Nuxeo off-cpu" -I work/* -I bulk/* -I http-nio-* -I retention/* -I audit/* -I stream/* -f /tmp/flame-off-cpu.svg jps

If you see memory pressure:

./ -e alloc -d 30 --title '"Nuxeo Memory"' -f /tmp/flame-mem.svg jps