Nuxeo Server

Available Installers

By default, the Nuxeo distributions are packaged as ZIP files and are multi-OS compliant.

Some Nuxeo distributions are also packaged with automated installers, in order to ease installation and follow the targeted OS standards, by respecting the usual directory organization for instance, creating desktop shortcuts and menu items, tweaking environment properties, helping installing optional third-parties...

The available installers can be:

  • Multi-platform packages (ZIP, executable JAR, JNLP, ...),
  • Windows installers (EXE, MSI),
  • Linux packages (DEB, RPM, ...),
  • macOS packages (DMP, APP, PKG),
  • VMWare images
  • VirtualBox images
  • Specific installers (Homebrew, ...).

Nuxeo currently maintains a Linux Debian and a Windows installer. They are available for download here. See the Installation page for a full and up-to-date documentation on the various installation solutions.

Nuxeo aims at gathering and documenting all contributed installation solutions from the user community. Any help about OS-specific cases, recommendations, contributions or feedbacks is very welcome. To contribute, you can:

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