Token Management

Updated: August 19, 2019

Token Generation

Personal authentication tokens can be generated from the Nuxeo Online Services portal.

Tokens can be used as a replacement for a password and can be revoked anytime. Here are a few situations where they can be useful:

  • In your continuous integration / continuous delivery chain, to have your software authenticate against our Maven private repository,
  • When you authenticate using a third party provider (Google or Okta) and need to use our command line tools with options that require a password to be provided, for example, registering an instance using nuxeoctl, linking your Studio project to your Java development project in Nuxeo CLI.

To generate a token:

  1. Login to Nuxeo Online Services
  2. Visit the My Tokens tab
  3. Create your token using the corresponding button and provide a clear name for it (ex: "CI Chain")

Your token will only be shown once, so be sure to save it in a secure place. If you ever forget it or think it may have been compromised, you can revoke it anytime and generate a new one.

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