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August 8, 2017

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This release brings the ability to enable or disable any feature created in Nuxeo Studio on the fly, and bug fixes.

New Features

Ability to Disable Features Temporarily

Nuxeo Studio now allows you to disable any feature temporarily. Just toggle the switch on the top right side of the feature's screen, and you can enable or disable it on demand.

This change is meant to prevent you from having to deploy something meant for a testing environment, pinpointing where a specific behavior comes from, or to help you while refactoring your project.

When a feature is disabled, Nuxeo Studio will behave as if it doesn't exist, and the corresponding configuration won't be generated.

When disabled the feature name appears as striked in the list so that you can tell which features are currently disabled at a glimpse.

Bug Fixes

  • In page providers and content views, the = operator is now available for simple multivalued properties.

  • In automation scripting, the ctx.currentUser and ctx.currentDate are not suggested anymore as they are not always available. We recommend using currentUser and currentDate instead.

  • The VideoSlice operation now uses true by default for the encode parameter to reflect the default value in Nuxeo Server.

  • Generic suggestion widgets now provide an operation id when none is specified in their configuration.

More details on bugs fixed in this version are available in our bugtracking tool.

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