February / March 2020

Updated: June 20, 2024

Released Changes

Consistent Notifications

Whenever you work in Studio Modeler and Studio Designer, notifications:

  • always appear on the bottom left
  • benefit from a higher contrast to be easily seen
  • can be closed to avoid hiding other elements temporarily

Security Improvements

Nuxeo Online Services is improved to enhance security and may require actions on your end. Learn how to adapt to this change.

Custom Icons Support

In Studio Designer, a new option lets you upload a custom SVG icon for your buttons and drawer menu entries.

custom icon import

Conflict Management

Conflict management screen is updated to provide a better experience:

  • Long lines are wrapped
  • It is easier to understand which file you are picking when doing the selection

Summary view:

conflict view summary
conflict view summary

Detailed view:

conflict view detailed
conflict view detailed

Other Noteworthy Mentions

  • Files in the Studio Designer resources tab can be renamed/moved when the destination name is almost similar (NXS-5570)
  • Workflow transitions configuration are drawn correctly in all situations (NXS-4682)
  • Cancelling changes in a workflow task configuration works correctly (NXS-5261)
  • Workflow variables are available even if you didn't save the workflow yet (NXS-5255)