September 4, 2017

Updated: June 5, 2024

This version improves the automation scripting experience and brings bug fixes.

Improved Automation Scripting Experience

After collecting feedback from our users, we made some changes to the way autocompletion works in automation scripting:

Case Insensitivity

Autocompletion is now case insensitive. Typing document will now return the Document automation operations category for instance.

Faster Completion

When a single option is available, we'll complete it automatically. Start typing cont and see for yourself!

In some cases you might not want that completion to trigger. Typing function and obtaining Function is a typical example. When it happens, note that you can cancel that completion by using the undo command (ctrl or command + z).

From there, the editor will wait for you to type something before completion is triggered again. Adding a space or a parenthesis after the function keyword will make it clear to the editor that you were intending to create a new function, not trying to use the Nuxeo Function keyword.

Bug Fixes

  • When copying a workflow, transitions order is now kept in all cases (NXS-4195).

More details on bugs fixed in this version are available in our bugtracking tool.