May 28, 2018

Updated: July 11, 2024

Selecting dependencies makes their content automatically available for use in Studio. There are several other usability improvements in Studio Designer that make life easier.


Automatic Dependencies Registries Loading

When selecting a dependency in the application definition screen, Studio automatically loads the package's configuration. For example, when selecting the Nuxeo Drive package:

Application Definition drive
Application Definition drive

Schemas, document types, operations (pictured below) and more configuration items brought by Nuxeo Drive can be leveraged for you to reuse in your application. No need to declare and maintain them manually in your Studio registries anymore.

Application Definition Drive operations
Application Definition Drive operations

Usability Improvements

Simplified Operations Configuration

Configuring an operation in Studio Designer is now easier than ever thanks to several changes:

  • Default options are compatible with the default automation chain created in Studio Modeler.
  • Icons are suggested in the icon field

    Operations Icon Suggestion
    Operations Icon Suggestion

  • The input parameter field (used to send the initial input for the automation chain or script) is checked on Save to ensure the value entered matches the action slot you chose. If you use an invalid value, an error will be shown to guide you with the appropriate options:

    Operations slot input check
    Operations slot input check
    Work is in progress to provide autocomplete while typing in the field.

Automated Document Type Label Translation Fallback

When configuring a document type, a label is required. If you do not create a translation file, Studio uses this label as a fallback option to show your users something clearer.

If you have already configured translations for your document type labels by uploading the corresponding files in Designer's Resources tab, they are kept, and override the configuration made in the label field.

Simplified Theme configuration

The theme editor in Studio Designer supports left menu logo configuration. Just upload it and you are done!

Uploading a background image is also available from theme configuration, however, it requires CSS configuration. Upload the image you want. It is automatically renamed background.png following Web UI conventions. Then, add your configuration:

--nuxeo-page-background: url(themes/myThemeName/background.png)

...and you are done! Other CSS options like repeat and background color can be used as well.

Theme Logo Background
Theme Logo Background

Save Your Studio Designer Code Changes Using Ctrl+S

The Ctrl+S shortcut saves your changes in the "Switch to Code" option in Studio Designer.

Noteworthy Improvements and Bugfixes

  • When configuring a complex field in Studio Modeler, the generated label for these properties is easier to read. (NXS-4606).
  • If a nuxeo-input element bound to a float property is missing the step attribute, Studio Designer displays a warning. (NXS-4625).
  • Using an aggregate on a multi-valued complex property generates valid configuration. (NXS-4462).
  • When authentication is lost due to a timeout, Studio warns you, no matter where you are in the application. (NXS-4634).
  • Generic widgets for JSF UI can be configured. (NXS-4731).
  • Editing a UI item in Designer cannot result a duplicate entry. (NXS-4419, NXS-4661).

More information about bugs fixed in this version is available in our bugtracking tool.