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Node Resolution Actions Tab

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Node Resolution Actions Tab
Node Resolution Actions Tab

On this tab, you define which buttons will be displayed on the form.

Buttons can be added easily. You need to specify:

  • Id: This value is important as it will be stored in NodeVariables"button" and can be used for instance to express conditions for knowing which transition the workflow engine should use.
  • Label: The label of the button, supports i18n.
  • Filter: A filter to hide or display the button on some conditions. Works only starting from 5.7.1. In future release of Studio, there will be the usual screen to express a filter.
  • Generate the condition for transition: This column, checked by default when you add a line, is a helper so that a transition corresponding to the button is automatically declared, with the correct condition, like: NodeVariables"button"=='Reject'. See the Transitions page for more information.
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