Automated Renaming

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As you work on your Studio project, you may need to rename elements, that may be referenced by other features. A typical example would be if you rename an automation chain. This chain can be used by user action, such as a button, or another chain.

Rename Modeler
Rename Modeler

In order to prevent inconsistencies and broken features, Nuxeo Studio automatically checks your project to find all the references to the element and change the reference with the new name. A confirmation window indicates the result of the renaming on the whole project.

Rename Confirmation Modeler
Rename Confirmation Modeler

For instance, in the case of a renamed automation chain, Nuxeo Studio will automatically update the chain name in the "Select an existing operation" drop down list of the User action that uses the chain.

However there are some cases where the renaming is not done by the system, for instance when the renamed chain is used in a function. In that case, you are displayed a message indicating where the chain name was found but not updated. Copy the log displayed in order to be able to check the places where the chain name was not automatically updated.

Rename Inconsistencies
Rename Inconsistencies

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