November 26, 2018

Updated: July 11, 2024

Firefox support for Studio Designer, performance improvements, drag and drop schema properties in Studio Designer and information about your subscription status.

Studio Designer Loading Performance Improvement

Studio Designer shows a loading screen instead of a blank page during loading. Cache has also been added to optimize loading time when you switch between Modeler and Designer on subsequent loads.

Information About Subscription Renewal

When your subscription is soon to expire (30 days or less), a message is displayed in Studio. You are also informed in the Nuxeo Online Services portal and by email when your subscription is renewed so that you can renew your instances registration and thus prevent production interruption.

Firefox Support for Studio Designer

Firefox gets added to the list of supported browsers for Studio Designer with this release.

For a better experience we recommend using Firefox 63 at least, as it gains native support for web components. Firefox ESR (60 currently) is supported as well, although slower.

Drag and Drop Schema Properties in Studio Designer Layouts

For easier configuration, you can drag and drop a schema property directly in a Studio Designer layout, and choose whether it should appear in view or edit mode. Remember that you can also do the same with entire schemas and choose which properties to add! This change makes the overall experience more consistent.

Complex multivalued properties do not support this mechanism yet and will come in a future release.

Placeholder Layouts for Missing Studio Designer Layouts

Studio Designer now creates a default layout page at build time when it is missing in your configuration. It will warn you about the missing configuration but won't contain anything else.

Delegate Roles in Nuxeo Online Services portal

Project owners can now delegate roles to other project members. The developer role for instance allows faster development using git access. Feel free to ask our support team to get project owner access!

Studio Releases Stored in the Marketplace

Studio releases are stored in the marketplace automatically as private packages. You do not need to upload them manually anymore to reach them from external applications.

Noteworthy Improvements and Bugfixes

  • Date range aggregates configuration shows values. (NXS-4993).

More information about bugs fixed since last release notes is available in our bug tracking tool.