Node Escalation Rules Tab

Updated: November 4, 2022

Workflow Escalation Tab
Workflow Escalation Tab

Escalation rules allow to execute an automation chain, depending on a condition. A scheduler checks every five minutes the condition and executes the chain if the condition is evaluated to true. Please read the escalation service page for more information and examples of rules.

Escalation rules and node types
Please note that although this tab appears on every node, escalation rules only apply to nodes awaiting for a user action to be executed (corresponding to the suspended lifecycle state).

Multiple escalation rules can be added using the Add escalation rule button.

  • Id: The unique id of the escalation rule.
  • Condition: An MVEL expression to state when the escalation rule should be run.
  • Chain: The automation chain to be executed. You may create a new chain or edit an existing one using the Create and Edit buttons.
  • Multiple execution: The automation chain is only executed once by default. If you check this box, the automation chain will be run every time Nuxeo evaluates the condition to true.

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