Variables Tab

Updated: June 5, 2024

Variables at workflow level can be used to store information that can be accessed at any time during the workflow, when editing a node properties for example. Those variables will store data that come from user forms or that are computed by automation chains, using from their the WorkflowVariables[] object.

  • Name and Prefix: You don't have to modify this.
  • Add variable: Adds a new row on the variables table.
  • Delete variable: Deletes selected variable. You can select only one variable at a time.
  • Table columns:

    • Name: Used to reference the variables later.
    • Type: The type of the value that is going to be stored. This type has an impact on the available widgets in the forms.
    • Edit: Press this button to decide which field constraints to set for this variable.
    • Multi-Valued: Check the box if we need to store multiple values of the same type on this field.
    • Default: The default value of the variable.