Studio Overview

Updated: July 11, 2024

Nuxeo Studio allows you to configure the Nuxeo Platform easily. It's part of Nuxeo Online Services, hosted on the Cloud and maintained by Nuxeo.

It allows application builders to get an easy-to-use, wizard based, graphical interface where they can define business objects, types of content, workflows, taxonomy, and user interfaces. Users with more technical knowledge can add even more advanced configurations with XML extensions, Javascript code, or custom HTML pages.

Solution designers are able to create a consistent configuration thanks to real-time checks warning of any errors or missing configuration points and uses an auto-completion system to guide you through your implementation work.


Configure and design the core logic and user interface of your application.

Deploy your configurations in a click with our hot reload mechanism.

Evolve safely, configurations compatibility with future versions is guaranteed.

Getting Started


Nuxeo Studio Quickstart

Our Hyland University video dedicated to the discovery of Nuxeo Studio.

Configure Nuxeo Platform

Start configuring a Nuxeo Platform project with this tutorial.

Studio Modeler

Configure your content models and business workflows.

Studio Designer

Configure your forms and layouts designs for Web UI.

Making Nuxeo Platform Your Own

When creating a new application, the usual configuration steps are:

  1. Brand your application
  2. Add new document types, with new metadata and lifecycle
  3. Create forms tailored to your document types
  4. Define your own search forms
  5. Add new buttons, tabs, icons in the UI
  6. Automatize simple to complex actions on documents
  7. Define business workflows with manual and automated transitions, a dedicated dashboard, specific forms

Browser Support

Nuxeo Studio supports the latest stable version of the following browsers:

Checking Browser Version

Google Chrome

Check your current version and compare it to the latest release notes.

Mozilla Firefox

Check your current version and compare it to the latest release notes or ESR version release notes.