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Using Application Templates

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To import an Application Template:

  1. Go to Configuration > External Templates All the available templates are displayed. If a template is not compatible with your project target version (ex: Nuxeo DM 5.4.0, Nuxeo DM 5.4.2), it is displayed with a little sign that says "not compatible".

  2. Click on the Details link of the template that you're interested in to check what the template includes. A window pops up that displays the list of all elements the template includes: definition of new documents, automation chains, etc, new icons and images, new widgets...

    Application Template details
    Application Template details

  3. Click on Import this package.
  4. On the confirmation window that pops up, click on OK. A feedback window pops up to indicate that the import was successful.
    Application Template Imported
    Application Template Imported
  5. Click on OK. The icon is displayed next to the imported template, indicating that this template has been imported. Your project is reloaded with all the template's features. You can now browse your project with the new imported features and edit them. If you modify something, Studio will tell you that you broke some other configuration by displaying the errors, and you'll be able to adapt every dependent thing. Also you'll be able to rename the imported features if you need.

Using several application templates

Some templates declare the same object. For instance two templates can declare the "Folder" document type. In that case, Nuxeo Studio will refuse to import the second template until you rename the previous object, to avoid collision.

Application Template Import Result
Application Template Import Result

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