October 29, 2018

Updated: April 3, 2024

Develop faster with Git access and Quick Switcher, JSF to Web UI migration early access release.

Develop Faster

Using Studio and Git Access

Latest Studio updates make your development flow faster if you learn how to leverage the tools at your disposal: see how you can display your Web UI customization changes instantly and push them back to Studio with our new tutorial.

Using Quick Switcher

A new Jump To option is visible on the bottom left of Studio. Clicking on it or using the Ctrl+k / Cmd+k shortcut allows you to quickly switch to any other Studio feature or menu simply by typing its name. Goal is to make your flow more efficient by reducing the need to go though countless menus and browsing to find what you are looking for.

JSF to Web UI Migration - Early access

An automated tool to migrate your JSF UI configuration to Web UI is available in the new migration services screen from Studio Modeler. It is currently reserved to members of our early access program.

Additional Storage Options for Document References

When storing a document reference in a schema, new options are available for Nuxeo Server versions 10.1 and upper:

  • Storing the document id with or without a repository prefix
  • Storing the document path with or without a repository prefix This is an advanced setting. Storing the document path can typically come in handy when importing documents and needing to store a reference to another imported document, as you wouldn't be able to know in advance the document id Nuxeo Server is going to create.

folder Becomes a Reserved Keyword for Schema Name

As a consequence of this change, Studio displays a validation error when this keyword is used for a schema name. If you use it in your project, here is how to deal with it.

I have a Folder doctype and made no configuration to it

What to do?

You can remove it as it is obsolete.


Using this keyword will work as long as you don't add any custom property or do a custom layout. We are making the folder schema name reserved because we saw that our users tend to configure it at some point and run into a lot of trouble at runtime because of that.

I have a Folder document type and made configuration to it (added custom properties to the folder schema for instance)

What to do?

Rename the folder schema to something different, e.g. folder_schema.


folder is a default nuxeo server schema, using it in Studio will cause you trouble at runtime if you forget some default fields or misconfigure them. It will also make your application difficult to maintain in the long term because the default schema may evolve with nuxeo server versions.

Noteworthy Improvements and Bugfixes

  • Studio no longer generates an assignees node variable when adding new workflow nodes. (NXS-4772).
  • Studio will warn you on unsaved changes when using shortcut buttons to configure layouts (NXS-4857).
  • [Designer / Web UI] Removed a false positive warning that could appear when configuring actions (NXS-4812).
  • [Designer / Web UI] Studio now completely separates Studio Designer's automatic configuration from your custom code (NXS-4758).
  • [Designer / Web UI] Latest contributions are available in Studio Designer (NXS-4799).
  • [Designer / Web UI] Advanced options are easier to display (NXS-4756).
  • Default configuration is to search on all entries when configuring a predicate on a multivalued complex field (NXS-4847).
  • [Designer / Web UI] When configuring an aggregate using a dropdown list, generated code is correct (NXS-4350).
  • Direct links to workflow graphs no longer generate errors (NXS-4806).
  • [Designer / Web UI] Correct code is generated when configuring a justified grid for Nuxeo Server 10.2 (NXS-4846).
  • [Designer / Web UI] "Sortable" option when configuring a table layout works in all cases (NXS-4846).
  • Studio provides a validation error when it detects an invalid predicate configuration that could prevent Studio Designer from loading (NXS-4819).

More information about bugs fixed since last release notes is available in our bugtracking tool.