September 17, 2018

Updated: July 11, 2024

Introducing Git access for Studio Designer.

Git Access for Studio Designer

If your project benefits from branch management features, you can request Git access for Studio Designer from our Support team. This feature allows you to edit your Studio Designer Web UI customization from your favorite IDE, commit and push your changes back to Nuxeo Studio. Feel free to have a look at the Studio Designer Git access documentation for further details.

Noteworthy Improvements and Bugfixes

  • Studio no longer generates an assignees node variable when adding new workflow nodes ((NXS-4772)). ((NXS-4772)).
  • Studio will warn you on unsaved changes when using shortcut buttons to configure layouts ((NXS-4772)).
  • [Designer / Web UI] Removed a false positive warning that could appear when configuring actions ((NXS-4812)).
  • [Designer / Web UI] Studio now completely separates Studio Designer's automatic configuration from your custom code ((NXS-4758)).
  • [Designer / Web UI] Latest contributions are available in Studio Designer ((NXS-4799)).
  • [Designer / Web UI] Advanced options are easier to display ((NXS-4756)).
  • Default configuration is to search on all entries when configuring a predicate on a multivalued complex field ((NXS-4847)).
  • [Designer / Web UI] When configuring an aggregate using a dropdown list, generated code is correct ((NXS-4350)).
  • Direct links to workflow graphs no longer generate errors ((NXS-4806)).
  • [Designer / Web UI] Correct code is generated when configuring a justified grid for Nuxeo Server 10.2 ((NXS-4846)).
  • [Designer / Web UI] "Sortable" option when configuring a table layout works in all cases ((NXS-4846)).
  • Studio provides a validation error when it detects an invalid predicate configuration that could prevent Studio Designer from loading ((NXS-4819)).

More information about bugs fixed since last release notes is available in our bugtracking tool.