July 2019

Updated: June 18, 2024

Released Changes

Actions Renamed As Buttons

Actions menu in Designer are renamed as Buttons, and the related options as follows:

  • Operation Action is now Button: Choose this option to create a button using configuration only.
  • Action is now Custom Button: Choose it to create your own button element using code for extensive capabilities.

Icons reflect the options more clearly.


The + button in Designer is refreshed to be more explicit:

  • Tooltips are shown on the option you choose,
  • When only two options are available, clicking the + button directly leads you to the one that is the simplest to use.

Better Contextual Help

Studio Designer shows contextual help on click so that you can copy/paste code samples and click on documentation links.

Help In Page Provider Configuration

  • Contextual help is added to guide you on:
    • choosing an aggregate type between ranges, histogram and terms options
    • defining ranges
    • adding a quick filter
  • Date format and interval provide a default value and guidance to let you tweak it, quick filter clause has a placeholder to guide you on the query format
  • Format field for range aggregates and interval field for histogram aggregates are properly marked as required, and regrouped with other required fields for faster configuration
  • Quick filter name is shown in the user interface when no translation has been defined for it

Search on File Type or Size

It is possible to define aggregates on the sub-fields for a blob property. It can be used to provide search options to find files of a specific type, or based on the file size for example.


Use the histogram or range aggregate types in combination with the length property for the file size, the terms aggregate with the mime-type property for the file type.

These options work with any blob property, multivalued ones as well.


Polymer 3 Migration

Compatibility for Nuxeo Studio with Polymer 3 to keep our technical stack up to date.

Other Noteworthy Mentions

  • Workflow graph looks consistent between Studio and Web UI when using a fork node (NXS-5292).
  • Studio prevents you from using the same name for a content view and a page provider as it could lead to conflicts (NXS-4590).
  • Page providers that are named similarly as a document type are correctly handled when generating a search form (NXS-4736).