Ticket Follow Up

Updated: June 5, 2024

In order to make it easy to know which tickets the customer must address, Nuxeo provides two dashboards.

  • The first one is on the Nuxeo Connect homepage, accessible from the URL This dashboard displays a "My Tasks" widget that lists all the tickets waiting for the customer's input. More information on what is expected from the customer is displayed on mouseover.

    Connect Dashboard
    Connect Dashboard

    This widget is only displayed if the customer has pending tickets.

  • The second dashboard is in JIRA at the URL Nuxeo offers a customized dashboard, designed to make information related to created tickets more visible, especially regarding tickets that required some input from the customer which are displayed in the "My Support Tasks" gadget (red box).

To set this customized dashboard as the default one:

  1. Click on Tools > Find Dashboard.
  2. In the "Search" field, type "Support" and click on Search. The results is displayed below the search form.
  3. Click on the star to make this dashboard the default one and click on the dashboard's name to display the customized dashboard.
    JIRA Dashboard
    JIRA Dashboard
    Ideally, the "My Support Tasks" gadget must be empty.