January 3, 2018

Updated: July 11, 2024

Studio will now show your work in progress changes, commits to push or pull. It can be used to monitor your work status, and also to review configuration changes made by others.

Work Status Display

When looking at your current branch in the branch management screen, Studio will now display two zones.

Work in Progress Zone

Displays anything that is not shared with your coworkers yet.

  • Your work in progress with a blue indicator
  • Commits you have not pushed yet with a green indicator

WIP zone release notes
WIP zone release notes

Merged Commits Zone

Displays all commits that are in the main branch.

  • Commits with an orange indicator are not visible from you yet until you pull them.


Merged Commits release-notes
Merged Commits release-notes

This new feature can also be used to execute a configuration review process: we wrote a configuration review tutorial explaining this usage.

Browser Support Information

Studio supports the latest Firefox and Google Chrome versions in the Modeler area. For Nuxeo Designer, only Google Chrome is currently supported. When using an unsupported browser, Studio will now show a warning message.

Noticeable Bug Fixes

  • The code editor in Studio Designer could not load in some situations. This is now fixed (NXS-4450).
  • It is now possible to use long commit messages in Nuxeo Studio (NXS-4423).

More information about bugs fixed in this version is available in our bugtracking tool.