November 28, 2017

Updated: June 5, 2024

This version brings the ability to copy document types!

Document Type Copy

Document types can now be copied.

  • Schemas or layouts embedded in your document type will also be copied, and adopt the new document type's name.

  • Externally defined schemas and layouts are simply referenced in your document type; as such, these references are kept in the copied document.

In either of the two situations above, copying documents is straightforward. When using a mix of both embedded and referenced schemas or layouts however, you may need to update your configuration after copying the document type. For instance using an external layout that leverages an embedded schema's fields will require you to either create a copy of this layout or adapt it.

Note that for now layout copying is limited to JSF UI. Automatic layout copying for Web UI is not yet available, but work to make this happen is in progress.

Noticeable Bug Fixes

  • When using a headless server or Web UI only in Nuxeo Server LTS 2016, vocabularies are now correctly deployed (NXS-4398)
  • When upgrading from Nuxeo Server 6.0 to LTS 2016, Studio will warn you about the parameter name change in the Document.AddPermission operation (NXS-4336)
  • Workflow nodes for which a layout can't be configured will now be hidden in Studio Designer (NXS-4256)

More information about bugs fixed in this version is available in our bugtracking tool.