Search Mapping

Updated: April 3, 2024

Elasticsearch Mapping is a feature that helps you configure the search experience, it provides the user a JSON configuration file that can be added to the Elasticsearch configuration.

Elasticsearch Mapping

As described in the configuring the Elasticsearch mapping documentation page, it is possible to change the Elasticsearch configuration to redefine the Elasticsearch mapping. The Elasticsearch Mapping feature allows the user to easily define a custom mapping for any simple and non-multivalued field and generate the appropriate JSON configuration file. This JSON content can then be added to the Elasticsearch configuration as described in the changing Elasticsearch mapping documentation page.

There are two kinds of mapping available per field:

  • auto-mapping
  • manual entry

Define the Elasticsearch Mapping

It is possible to define the Elasticsearch mapping for a field either from the page Search > Elasticsearch Mapping or directly from the Page Provider editor in the Predicates section (only available if the checkbox 'Use Elasticsearch index' is selected).

Define Mapping from Page Provider editor

Create From PP

If there is already an existing mapping for the selected field as a predicate, a link is displayed to access the existing definition in the Elasticsearch Mapping editor.

Existing Mapping

If there is not an existing mapping, a button to directly create a new configuration is displayed next to the predicate.

No Existing Mapping

A dialog opens to define the name of the mapping and the selected field is displayed as a reminder.

Create New Mapping

Create a New Mapping

A new Elasticsearch Mapping can be created directly from the page listing the existing mappings in Search >Elasticsearch Mapping.

Create Search Mapping


Based on the type of the selected field for the mapping, a list of available mapping types is displayed with their properties.

Creating Automapping

Available properties:

  • Fulltext: include/exclude the field from the Full-Text search. The property is only available for fields of type String.
  • ILike: make the case insensitive search using ILIKE operator works on the field. The property is only available for fields of type String.
  • Like: enable the use of the LIKE operator on the field. The property is only available for fields of type String.
    • Fielddata: when the Like property is selected, it is possible to enable the Fielddata property to make the field content available for aggregations.
  • Non Searchable: select for disabling the searchability of the field. The property is available for any fields.

Manual Entry

It is also possible to define manually the configuration of the mapping of a field. The JSON editor only allows to define the JSON that will be append to the selected field and not any Elasticsearch configuration.

Create Manual Mapping