Virtual Navigations

Updated: July 11, 2024

JSF UI Deprecation
This requires to have the JSF UI addon installed on your server that is deprecated since Nuxeo Platform LTS 2019.
Please refer to the Web UI documentation.

The Virtual Navigations menu entry enables you to define new browsing trees based on document properties. You can install the Nuxeo Virtual Navigation add-on to see how default virtual navigations based on the vocabularies Subject and Coverage work. This page explains the different options available on the Nuxeo Studio configuration screens.

A virtual navigation is a content view whose filter is not displayed as a form but as a tree that shows the values of a vocabulary.


You need to select the Virtual Navigation target package in your Application Definition for this menu entry to be available.

Definition Tab

  • Label: The label that will be displayed as a tooltip on the virtual navigation tab.
  • Breadcrumb Label: The label displayed in the breadcrumb from virtual navigation results.
  • Property: Select the schema and the property on which should be used to filter documents.
  • Additional query filter: Indicate the basis of the query that will be applied automatically applied.

By default, Nuxeo Studio fills this field to filter out:

  • documents marked as hidden in navigation (ecm:mixinType != 'HiddenInNavigation')
  • documents that are not archived versions (ecm:isCheckedInVersion = 0)
  • and documents that are deleted (ecm:currentLifeCycleState != 'deleted')

See the page Content View - Query and Form Tab for more details.

  • Default sort:
  • Vocabularies: Select the vocabularies that should be used to display the property values in the tree.
  • Icon: Select the icon to display in the virtual navigation tab.
  • Enabled: Uncheck if you want to disable this navigation tree.

Results Tab

The configuration of the content view results is the same as a regular content view. Please report to the page Content View - Results.