August 17, 2017

Updated: June 5, 2024

This release brings a look and feel update for Nuxeo Studio, an option to gather usage stats in your page providers and content views, and more!

New Features

Look and Feel Update

Nuxeo Studio just received a look and feel update in this version! Let's walk through the main changes.

Fixed Position Save Button

The Save button now remains in a fixed position. You can save your work anytime even in the biggest configuration screens!

01 fixed save button
01 fixed save button

Shiny Unified Header Bar

The header bar is now more compact to provide you with extra screen real estate. It also hosts two menus:

  • Click on the Nuxeo logo to open up common features and documentation shortcuts.

  • Head to the project information menu for versioning and project dependencies related shortcuts. You will also be able to download your package for manual installation from there.

02 Studio Menus
02 Studio Menus

This experience will remain the same wherever you are: Modeler and Designer (still in closed beta state for now, feel free to request access to your sales representative).

Gather Usage Statistics for Page Providers and Content Views

For applications aimed at Nuxeo Server LTS 2015 and upper, a new option is available for your page providers and content views using Elasticsearch: Generate Usage Statistics. When activated, data that you can make use of in the admin center's analytics view or in your own elements will be stored. You can use it to gather insight on usage frequency, search terms used, or criteria that people like to use for example.

You will find this new option in the Advanced Configuration zone of the screen (more specifically in the Query and Form tab for content views).

Generate Usage Stats
Generate Usage Stats

Page providers and content views created after this update will have this option enabled by default as soon as the Elasticsearch backend is activated for them (even if you decide to activate it later). It needs to be enabled manually for existing configuration however, since the option introduces a behavior change. We understand this can be tedious, but that was the only way to make sure your application remains the same after the update.

New Registry for Lifecycles

A new registry appears in this version to declare your lifecycles.

Reminder for people not familiar with registries: They are used to declare a definition for features created outside of Nuxeo Studio and mimick them as if they had been created in it. This is extremely useful when you created something in a custom bundle and wish to leverage it in Studio without having to do it all over again. More details are available in the registries documentation.

Creating your lifecycles in Studio remains the recommended and future-proof option, but if you didn't go that route that's ok; you will be able to leverage them anyway.

lc registry
lc registry

Bug Fixes

  • When using the DAM dependency, Studio will not generate configuration that leads to a warning on startup in Nuxeo Server (NXS-4172).

  • Autocompletion will now work fine in automation scripting when switching from Designer to Modeler (NXS-4161).

More details on bugs fixed in this version are available in our bugtracking tool.