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The Graph tab is where you define how steps of your workflow are ordered, by dropping nodes and pulling transitions between them. If you let the mouse over a node, you will be displayed an Edit button, that allows to edit the properties of the node, in a multi-tab pop-up. There are two kinds of nodes: one that creates task, one that is automatic (the workflow engine goes over it and immediately follows one the output transitions).

On the left side menu of the graph tab, you will find the items below:

  • Resize graph editor: It happens that your graph cannot fit in the default allocated design area. Clicking on this button will make it larger. A "Reduce size" button will be added in a future version of Nuxeo Studio.
  • Clear graph: Beware, this button will delete all your graph after a warning.
  • Node library: Lists different pre-configured nodes. You can drag'n drop them in the design area.
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