Advanced Settings

Updated: June 5, 2024

Advanced settings enable you to configure Deployment Extensions, Web Services Filtering and XML Extensions in your Studio project.

disabling a feature
To disable a feature, click on the toggle button at the top-right of your screen.

Deployment Extensions

To configure the deployment of projects, users can define deployment extensions.

<extension target="pages#PAGES">
<page view-id="/nxstartup.xhtml"
action="#{startupHelper.initDomainAndFindStartupPage('Default domain','user_dashboard')}" />
<extension target="web#SERVLET">

For more information, see Deployment Fragment Preprocessor.

extension tags must be written directly at the root, not enclosed by any other tag.

Web Services Filtering

This menu enables you to filter automation chains exposed to remote clients through REST API. Choose which operations must be protected when accessing them through REST and which must be disabled. Operations that are not listed here are by default accessible by everyone remotely through the REST API.

Only non-UI operations can be exposed through REST. Bindings that have no constraints are ignored.

XML Extensions

To configure Nuxeo Server, users can define any Nuxeo XML extension not covered by Studio editors. Using extension points, it is possible to go beyond what Studio enables and leverage Nuxeo products configurability even more.

For more information about contributing to extensions, see Contributing using Nuxeo Studio.